Top 3 biggest felines in the world

Felines are very outstanding predators. Even if they are numerous kinds of feline, some are more attractive than others. You may often wonder what are the biggest ones in the world. To help you get answers to your question, a top 3 has been made for the occasion.


The liger, as its name suggests is a cross between a male lion and a female tiger. It is therefore a hybrid species. This feline can weigh up to 500kg and measure about 5 metres. This makes it the largest and fattest feline in the world. However, even if the liger belongs to the species of wild animals, you will not find it in the wild. To see one, you have to go to a zoo. You should know that the liger is not only the biggest feline in the world. Many female ligers are able to procreate unlike most hybrid animals. To get more information, go on

Siberian tiger

The Siberian tiger, also known as the Amur tiger, lives in a small region on the border between Russia and China. It can weigh more than 300kg and measure more than 3 metres. It feeds mainly on ungulates and deer. The Siberian tiger is the master of its natural environment and has no competitor. It hunts deer and wild boar and can eat up to 50kg of meat in one go. It is a pity that the survival of this species is threatened by poaching. Indeed, the skin of this tiger and its bones are very coveted by some people for their alleged aphrodisiac virtues.

Bengal tiger

You may have already heard of it. The Bengal tiger is one of the most studied tigers. It weighs an average of 200kg and is 3 metres long. however, some specimens weigh p to 250kg. the Bengal tiger can kill an animal twice its size. It usually feed s on deer, monkeys, wild boar, and buffalo. It is a species that is also threatened by extinction due to illegal trafficking.