Why migrate your contact center to the cloud ?

Many contact centers have already made the choice to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, and they have good reasons. Thanks to the cloud, the contact center is transformed into CCaaS (or contact center as a service), and makes it possible to manage all customer relations and to welcome new channels. There are a number of reasons to move your physical call center to the cloud.

Evolution and improvement of the customer experience

The cloud has the advantage of being able to scale with your growth and your seasonal requirements. You can scale your capacity as needed, adding licenses in times of high demand or reducing it if circumstances require. Visit the site to learn more about ccaas. With cloud, you therefore continue to offer an excellent quality of service, at the best cost, by offering your agents the possibility of working from home, while also offering them the work experience and tools they would have benefited from. They were in the office. On the other hand, your customers contact you because they need help, but to no avail. When customers are stuck, on hold, or frustrated with ineffective automated messages, it has a direct impact on your bottom line. More than 50% of customers cite poor customer service and no longer want to do business with the brand, and 66% will share their bad experiences with those around them.

The reliability of the service

A modern cloud-based solution can consolidate the requirements of tens of thousands of customers, and can also provide much greater reliability than most call centers can guarantee on their own. Some contact center software based on application programming interfaces report an uptime above 99.99%, which means that they are down for less than an hour per year. For the customer, this means they have access to knowledgeable support agents who have access to real-time data on their case and complaint, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reduced operational costs and improved return on investment

A huge improvement in profitability is the pricing models of a cloud-based solution, you only pay for what you use, no need to pay for empty seats, and maintenance costs are lower. The choice of the cloud eliminates the need to buy and maintain a computer park and servers. Your capital expenses become operating expenses, making them easier to predict and justify.